Piero Porrello

✨E-commerce ✨ Advertising ✨ Magia ✨ Pizza 🇮🇹

I sell stuff online

I'm from Sicily and for over three years I've been fully immersed in online business, creating ecommerce sites, managing advertising on Google and Facebook, and even handling nerdy stuff like email and business process automation.

I will be your favorite fake guru

I will use acronyms and technical terms (such as cpa, ctr, kpy, cr, cpm, crm, cro) to fascinate you and make you understand that I am good at what I do. If you ask me to do something I don't know how to do I will simply use an excuse to take time and give you a generic answer

I created a wine brand (that doesn't exist)

it is not possible to find that wine on the market, the "Vini Porrello" collection is super limited and only a small elite of people can have the privilege of sipping this wonderful nectar