Piero Porrello

✨E-commerce ✨ Advertising ✨ Magia ✨ Pizza 🇮🇹

I sell stuff online

I'm from Sicily and for over three years I've been fully immersed in online business, creating ecommerce sites, managing advertising on Google and Facebook, and even handling nerdy stuff like email and business process automation.

Solutions for Your Business

Regardless of your niche or industry, I can perform an in-depth analysis to find any issues and possible solutions. Over the years I've built a team of experts specialized in everything related to creating digital businesses (Graphic designers, developers, salespeople, media buyers), This allows me to provide businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers everything they need to bring their business to the next level.

paid advertising expert

Years of experience and spending over six figures on the top advertising platforms have allowed me to understand and master all the dynamics of paid advertising. Feel free to pick my brain for insights.